Action Speaks!

AS220, October 18, 2006

photo: Viera Levitt

1979, Three Mile Island

When Pennsylvania's nuclear power plant melted down, who would have predicted that 27 years later the founder of Greenpeace would herald nuclear energy as our best hope in the Washington Post? Nuclear power, long associated with nightmarish disasters, is becoming a green favorite, but stigmas die hard. Alternative energy, environmental policy, public relations efforts, and worst-case scenarios were the subjects for Mike Pintek, the radio host who was first to report on the crisis; Paul Gunter, Director of the Reactor Watchdog Project at Nuclear Information and Resource Service; Harold Denton, President Carter's pointman on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission during the crisis; and Lisa Stiles-Shell, Manager of State Initiatives, Grassroots and Coalitions, at the Nuclear Energy Institute.
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