Under-appreciated Dates Than Changed America

For sixteen years, Marc was the Host,Creator and Co-Producer of Action Speaks, Under-appreciated Dates That Changed America (ActionSpeaksRadio).

Action Speaks brought scholars and practitioners from around the United States to speak together about the contemporary implications and history of lesser known dates in primarily 20th Century American History.

Action Speaks was heard at various times in its sixteen years history by over 200 radio stations. Action Speaks Panelists have included; New York Times Editor Gail Collins, Bread and Puppet Theater’s Director Peter Schuman; Author Tom Frank, Former baseball player Bill Lee, Author Marshall Berman; Performance Artist, Reverend Billy, Author Jackson Lears, Film Director Godfrey Reggio, Former Seattle Police Chief and author, Norm Stamper, Author Jane Holtz Kay, Providence Mayor Buddy Cianci and Author, Dolores Hayden.

Action Speaks won the Schwartz Prize from the Federation of State Humanities Councils for outstanding work in the public humanities.