From Under The Asphalt

AudioWinds # 1 is a multi-channel orchestration of sounds that might have been heard at this location over the last few centuries, from before contact between local indigenous people and European settlers to the present time.

The sounds have been taken from their historical context and used as ‘notes’ in this orchestration. This spot has, at various points, served as the site of a Narragansett Indian settlement; a homestead to settlers as they arrived from Europe; a place with ties to slave-based labor; a location for stables, factories, and rooming houses; and the center of Providence’s commercial district.

In AudioWinds #1 you will imagine that the sounds of the last 500 years blowing around like leaves in the wind and haphazardly and consciously combining in ways that are surprising, lyrical, humorous, boring and shocking.

Listen to RI art installation aims to “remember” sounds By Bob Seay (2010-07-12) © Copyright 2010, WRNI


Idea, Script, Production: Marc Levitt
Sound engineer, editor and project advisor: James Moses
Curator: Viera Levitt


Moore Terrace (2nd-floor entrance), Chace Center, RISD, 20 N. Main Street, Providence, RI