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Post about Film made by Marc Levitt.

Stories in Stone


Marc Levitt’s first documentary film, co-produced and co-directed with Ms. Lilach Dekel is a film about the Narragansett Tribal stonemasons who, over the last four hundred years, have built many stonewalls that wind picturesquely through the woods of Southern New England.

Interspersing footage that elegantly captures the beauty of the walls with interviews with tribal elders and members of two prominent Narragansett mason families, Ms. Dekel and Marc Levitt weave a story that is at once poetic and inspirational.

Stories in Stones is a story of love; for place, heritage and family and a tale that demonstrates how a craft, utilized initially at the point of European contact, has served as a strategy for resiliency and resistance.

Trailer: youtube

Stories in Stones is the first film that looks at the Narragansett wall building tradition from multiple perspectives, artistic, spiritual, multi-generational and as a story of tribal affirmation. While some would see wall building as the haphazard placement of rocks, Stories in Stone, demonstrates that the wall’s beauty is the result of a finely honed and ever evolving sculptural aesthetic. While some see the walls as ‘the only option’ for the Narragansett, Stories in Stones makes clear, that more often than not, becoming a mason is a choice, a choice that allows freedom of movement, freedom from ‘inside’ work, freedom from working for others and the freedom to join a long and illustrious line of ancestors. While many believe that ‘tradition’ among New England Tribes is long gone, Stories in Stone makes clear that wall building remains a means to assert and perpetuate Tribal identity; in the choice to be a mason, in the placement of symbols, in the use of a particular aesthetic, in the visceral relationship to stone and in one’s spiritual connection to nature. Stories in Stone elucidates the stories that lie beneath one’s initial appreciation for the stone walls of Southern New England and in doing so, illustrates how the seemingly ordinary, can be indeed be, quite extraordinary.

‘Stories in Stone’ received its television debut on April 2nd, 2008 on Channel 36, RIPBS

For information about purchasing and/or showing Stories in Stones please contact Marc Levitt.


Woven in Time

The Narragansett Salt Pond Preserve (2015)

A 57-minute documentary film about a small piece of seemingly ordinary land located on the southern coast of Rhode Island.

In the 1980s, archaeologists, working for a local developer, unearthed the remains of New England’s only undisturbed Pre-Contact Period (1100-1400 AD) Native American coastal village.


Used for dirt biking and adjacent to a suburban housing development and shopping center, this land, on a pond where the Narragansett Tribe located their origin story, became the center of an almost thirty-year battle between the rights of property ownership and the social and cultural importance of preserving one of the most important archaeological sites on the East Coast of the United States.

Woven in Time filming was sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration and the Department of Transportation.

Co-Produced by Michael Hebert
More info:

A New England Love Story (In Production)

A film about the three floor tenement unique primarily to urban and industrial New England, that was a central feature in the lives of many late 19th, 20th and 21st century immigrants and wells as others seeking affordable, decent quality, multi-unit housing.

This film is about the ‘everyday’ stories of those who lived in Triple Deckers; how their flexible interior and exterior spaces allowed for physically incorporating ‘old country’ patterns of life into their new lives as well as affording them the opportunity to align their domestic lives with newly acquired desires and cultural expectations of their adopted country.

This film will be one part architectural history, one part social history, one part economic history, one part urban history and one part American industrial and immigration history.

At the same time, Triple Decker; A New England Love Story will be a story of people, of those who lived in them, studied them and reviled them as ‘Trojan Horses’ for alien beliefs and culture.

Trailer: youtube

Marc showing his trailer during the “Triple Decker Day” at McCoy Stadium, home of the Paw Sox on Saturday, August 26, 2017 at their 6:15 pm game.

Rhode Island documentary filmmaker Marc Levitt, left, at Bates Mill in Lewiston on Saturday afternoon at Museum LA. At right, videographer Will Lepczyk checks the lighting before they begin filming. (Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal)

Rhode Island filmmaker includes Lewiston in ‘Triple Decker—A New England Love Story’ By Kathryn Skelton, Staff Writer, Sun Journal, September 17, 2018

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