Educational Consultant

Marc Levitt (or Marc Joel Levitt) has been conducting workshops and residencies for students and teachers for over twenty-five years throughout the United States and at International Schools. Mr. Levitt uses stories, exercises and humor to relax workshop participants and to remind them that their experiences and thoughts are both personally and artistically important. Mr. Levitt's workshops can and mostly do, contain some sort of culminating activity. These activities usually derive from Mr. Levitt's educational philosophy of site specific education, which led to the Nationally recognized Charles Fortes Museum Project. Residencies can be as short as one day and a long as a few months, depending on availability. Mr. Levitt is on the Rhode Island State Council’s of Arts Roster of Artists.

What is being said about Marc Levitt's work:
American School of Bombay
, The American International School in Caracas

His workshops include:

Writer in Residence
Mr. Levitt uses his stories to show how seemingly unimportant experiences and details can become the basis for interesting and absorbing writing and storytelling. In these workshops, Mr. Levitt also uses a series of games and exercises to teach metaphor, sequential thinking, colorful language, beginnings and endings, character development and topic selection. Mr. Levitt is truly a ‘Writing Motivator’ as he gets even the most reluctant writer to create.

Marc's book Putting Everyday Life on the Page was published by Corwin Press.

Diversity Celebration/Non Violence/Bullying
Marc Levitt has a program of stories and workshops to help students understand that the real victims of bullying, teasing, prejudice and bystander behavior are themselves. With his collection of memoirs and folktales, Mr. Levitt leads young people to intrinsically recognize that diversity and empathy strengthens us all. Marc can create a one-day, one-week and long-term consultancy with your school working with students and/or staff.

Topic covered:
· Gaining strength through diversity
· The long-term effects of isolating and gossiping
· Missing out on the strengths in someone you have teased
· The mistake of stereotyping
· One person’s problem is everyone’s problem
· How fear brings about what one fears
· Being content with yourself
· Dealing with bullying through humor
· “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”…or how the ‘Grouse’ was named
· Forgiveness
· Learning to live with ambiguous feelings towards someone
· Teasing others as a way of coping with one’s own insecutrity
· A program of stories about those who risked their lives to save others including Righteous Gentiles and Abolitionists.

You can find an example of Marc Levitt's work in this type of residency here. (American Embassy School in Delhi, September 2007)

In Mr. Levitt believes that oral literacy is underappreciated in its ability to encourage written literacy or for being able to foster confidence and life long success. In his workshops on storytelling, he will accomplish one or more of the following:
· Creating and performing one person autobiographic monologues
· Interpreting folkloric stories
· Creating one person performances based on historical characters
· Creating one person performances based on oral histories with parents, neighbors etc.

Staff Development
Marc Joel Levitt is an accomplished, well-traveled and well-respected instructor of adults. In his workshops for teachers, Mr. Levitt believes that thinking and acting need to be combined. He understands how busy teachers are and how important it is to give practical suggestions to help their work in the classroom. He has the following workshops available for teachers and administrators:

· Teaching Writing in Your Classroom
· Using Storytelling to Teach and Entertain in and out of the Classroom
· Celebrating Diversity and Non-Violence
· Site Specific Education

Advice for teachers and administrators: Preparing for a visit from Marc Levitt

What is Site Specific Education?





Charles Fortes School
students build a model of a
Triple Decker for their
museum exhibit with exhibit
designer, Paul Rivard
and artist Susan Clausen

If everyone had such an effect on children, the world would be a much safer place.
Carol Whitehouse, Librarian, International School of Paris

Mr. Levitt has a nice message:
Be a risk taker! I love him!

Melissa Schardt, Teacher
Andover Elementary School
Andover, Connecticut

Painter Mark Freedman's
mural in the Charles Fortes
cafeteria showing how the
building was changed from
a factory into a school

Mr. Levitt reached the students
at the Beardsley School through
his unique and energetic style.
He embraced the individuality
of each student, allowing them to
develop a positive self-image and
to realize their importance in a community

Ms. Amy Marshall
Beardsley Elementary School
Bridgeport, Connecticut


Charles Fortes students
studied about and built
a one room school house
with artist Gail Whitsett-Lynch