Residencies and Consultancies
(International and National)

Marc Levitt is a skilled and sensitive teacher of students of all ages, 5-85 and from Kindergarten through College and Seniors. His one day through multi-year workshops, consultancies and residencies are dedicated to a commitment to the importance of meaningful, purposeful and academically integrated work.

Marc Levitt has been conducting workshops and residencies for over thirty-five years throughout the United States and at International Schools. Mr. Levitt uses stories, exercises and humor to relax workshop participants and to remind them that their experiences and thoughts are both personally and artistically important.

Mr. Levitt’s workshops can and mostly do, contain some sort of culminating activity. His workshops are fun, engaging and supported by theory and experience.

Preparing for a visit from Marc Levitt

Here are some of the areas in which Marc works:

Writing workshops
Diversity Celebration/Non-Violence/Bullying
Site Specific Education
School Culture; Diagnosis and Cures
Writing from your students Third Culture experiences