School Culture; Diagnosis and Cures

Have you recently felt that your School and/or District could use an infusion of excitement and commitment?

Ever noticed that your academic and/or social culture needs to be enhanced?

Marc will work with your community to find ways to identify and rectify the issues that are holding you back and help give your school a renewed sense of collective purpose and excitement. Marc will visit your school and/or district, ask a lot of questions of teachers, staff, students and administration and engage your school in a collective process of ‘solution making’.

Mr. Levitt is interested in helping you and your staff create an environment where multiple voices are acknowledged and celebrated and where social issues and academic issues are integrated.

His work is about putting everyone in your school (teachers, administration, support staff, parents and students) all on the same page with a collectively agreed upon practice that emphasizes the joys and benefits of cooperation and the understanding that we are ‘All in it Together’.

Marc is currently working as the ‘Scholar in Residence’ for a school district in Rhode Island. He is working on:

  • School culture
  • Student and staff empowerment
  • Creating a peaceful and supportive environment  Linking social and academic learning

Marc was brought into the District to help create a sense of empowerment and joy. He interviewed many students, faculty, administrators and support staff for their perspective on their school’s culture and for suggestion for how to enhance it.

Mr. Levitt has so far offered classes on his books to the school community and has worked with students on community building projects. Some of the areas he is working with are, integrating anti-violence efforts with school curriculum, holistic education and the importance of learning for purpose.