Marc is an accomplished and well-respected instructor of adults. He understands how busy teachers are and how important it is to give practical suggestions to enhance their work in the classroom.

He has the following workshops available for teachers and administrators:

  • Putting Everyday Life on the Page
    (Based on his book by the same name)
    Marc helps teachers make writing fun and based on ‘real world’ interest.
  • We’re All in the Same Boat
    (Based on Marc’s books on character education)
    This workshop teaches teachers the art of ‘Getting Along’ based on the understanding that one person’s problem is really another person’s problem.
    This workshop demonstrates how to tie social and emotional issues into the academic curriculum. His workshops are created from a Holistic Education.
  • Site Specific Education
    How to create a ‘Place Based’ project that integrates students into their physical environment through curiosity, teaching them how to think holistically and that finds ‘real world’ reasons for presentation.
    Read Site Specific Education By Marc Levitt