Marc has worked in over 65 countries with students, parents and staff, performing, giving workshops, conducting residencies and giving key note talks. He has developed a site to collect stories from students and adults entitled;

Please read an article Marc was asked to write about some of the ways International School education can be enhanced to cohere to an increasingly interdependent world, titled Facing and Learning From Our International School Contradictions, August 15, 2018

Marc has a web site devoted to stories, written by students, teachers and parents about their Third Culture experiences. His work in this area has helped those who are part of the International School Community to not understand how to express and share their inner and outer experiences, but to become aware of how significant and powerful these experiences are. You can take a look at these stories at and discover how much insight there is in the minds of your students about this unique experience.

Please read an article Marc was asked to write about some of the ways International School education can be enhanced to cohere to an increasingly interdependent world, titled Facing and Learning From Our International School Contradictions, August 15, 2018

Marc Levitt has had the good fortune to work in schools and at conferences throughout the world. The following are a list of some of the schools and conferences where he has performed and/or given workshops.

Caribbean, Central and South America
American School of Guatemala; Guatemala
Colegio Amereican Del Sur; Guatemala
Inter-American Academy; Ecuador
Academia Cotopaxi American International School; Ecuador
American School of Quito; Ecuador
Einstein International School; Ecuador
Colegio Melor; Ecuador
Colegio Franklin Delano Roosevelt; Peru
Escuela Campo Alegre; Venezuela
American Cooperative School; Bolivia
American School of Tampico; Mexico
American Schools in Pachuca; Mexico
International School of Brasilia, Brazil
International School of Curitaba; Brazil
The Grange School, Santiago; Chile
International School of Panama

Vienna International School; Austria
International School of Brussels; Belgium
St. John’s International School; Belgium
International School in Nice; France
American School of Paris; France
International School of Monaco; Monaco
Berlin Brandenburg International School; Germany
Dresden International School; Germany
Internationale Schule Frankfurt-Rhein-Main; Germany
International School Hanover Region; Germany
Munich International School; Germany
International School of Stuttgart; Germany
American Overseas School of Rome; Italy
American School of The Hague; The Netherlands
International School of Krakow; Poland
American School of Warsaw; Poland
American School of Madrid; Spain
American School of Barcelona; Spain
Benjamin Franklin School; Spain
International Gothenburg Region; Sweden
American School of Zagreb; Croatia
Kiev International School; Ukraine
International School of Stockholm; Sweden
Anglo-American School of Sofia; Bulgaria
Marymount International School of Rome; Italy
International School of Luxembourg,
American International School of Lisbon; Portugal
Anforth International School; Netherlands
American International School of Rotterdam; Netherlands
American School of the Hague; Netherlands
American School of Valencia; Spain
American International School of Budapest; Hungary

Asia and Southeast Asia
Woodstock School; India
Kodaikanal International School; India
American Embassy School in Delhi; India
American School of Bombay; India
Chinese International School in Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Hong Kong American School, Hong Kong
Hong Kong International School, Hong Kong
American International School of Guangzhou, China
Shanghai Community International Schools, China
Hangzhou International School; Hangzhou, China
Brent International School, Philippines
International School Bangkok, Thailand
New International School of Thailand
International School Eastern Seaboard, Thailand
Seisen Internatinal School, Tokyo, Japan
Yokohama International School, Japan
St. Maurs International School, Yokohama, Japan
St. Mary’s International School,Tokyo, Japan
Yokota West; Tokyo, Japan
Taiwan American School, Thaiwan
Yokota West School; Tokyo, Japan
International School of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
NIST International School; Thailand
United World College of South East Asia; Singapore

Anglican International School; Israel
American Cooperative School of Tunis; Tunisia
Istanbul International Community School; Turkey
Talk to Third Culture Parents in Istanbul; 2008
International School of Oman; Oman
American School of Dubai; United Arab Emirates
International School of Kenya
American International School of Muscat; Oman
International School of Dakar, Senegal
International Community School of Addis Ababa; Ethiopia
Rabat American School; Morocco
American School of Doha; Qatar
Lincoln International School of Uganda
Bishop Mackenzie International School; Malawi
American International School of Accra, Ghana
American International School of Johannesburg, South Africa


Marc Levitt at Conferences

CEESA; (Central and Eastern European Schools Association), 2008
Keynote Speaker at the Nordic Schools Conference, Gothenburg, Sweden: 2007
Venezuelan International Schools, Caracas: 2007
EARCOS (East Asia Regional Council of Overseas Schools), Manila: 2006
ECIS (European Council of International Schools), The Hague: 2001
TRI-Association (American Schools Association of Central America, Columbia-Caribbean and Mexico) Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic: 2000
NESA (Near East South Asia Council of Overseas Schools), Cairo, Egypt: 1997, 1998
Storytelling in the Digital Age; National Institute of Design; Ahmedabad, India: 2002

Preparing for a visit from Marc Levitt