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Marc is a writer, storyteller, educator, radio and TV host, filmmaker and audio artist living in Wakefield, RI and NYC. He has won awards for his story recordings, for work in his unique musical/narrative historical storytelling style, for his work in radio and for his work in the arts and in the humanities.

A 1971 graduate of Cornell University, Marc has also created the nationally recognized Charles Fortes Elementary School Museum-in-a-School Project and the educational philosophy called Site Specific Education.

Marc has performed, lectured and given workshops throughout the United States. Mr. Levitt is an international performer/workshop leader as well, having worked in India, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Ecuador, Peru, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Israel, Canada, Germany, Belgium, Austria, England, the Netherlands, France, Monte Carlo, Poland, China, the Philippines, Venezuela and Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Madagascar, Kenya, Ethiopia, Senegal, Brazil, Uganda, South Africa, Ghana and Singapore.

Please look at Marc's website www.ThirdCultureStories.com devoted to the contributions by students, teachers, parents and others dealing with "Third Culture" or Marc's article in The New York Times Tales to Inspire the Expatriate Young.

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Marc is working on two new books: one on non-violence and diversity celebration tentatively entitled Deep Selfishness; How Everyone’s Interest Best Met by Understanding Mutual Dependency and the second, a book for children based on his
radio show
, Action Speaks, tentatively called Surprising 20th Century Dates that Changed America

Marc and Storyteller Len Cabral have begun to tour performances, workshops and residencies about the subject of violence prevention and diversity celebration

Check out the new stories at www.ThirdCultureStories.com

Purchase now from Corwin Press: Marc's book on teaching writing, Putting Everyday Life on the Page

Marc Levitt, 20 Pinehurst Street, 02879 Wakefield, RI, USA; (401) 783 0887, MarcJoelLevitt@gmail.com
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