Triple Decker

Triple Decker Performance, Providence, 2018

Mr. Levitt’s story of a fictional Triple Decker tenement house in Providence, Rhode Island, tells the story of six immigrant groups and their relationship to each other and to the United States.

Narrated by Mr. Levitt and storyteller Valerie Tutson, the piece is accompanied by seven musicians, representing the different nationalities whose stories are contained in this uniquely Southern New England tenement.

Triple Decker Performance, 2018

Allison and the Blackstone

The story of “America’s Hardest Working River” is told through the eyes of a small girl brought into the various stages of the River’s history as she seeks to deliver a gift to the present, a gift given by a Nipmuc Medicine Woman.

The nationally known Celtic musicians, Pendragon, accompany Mr. Levitt.

Along the Saugatucket

Marc Levitt tells the story of a small southern New England’s rivers watershed, about it’s people and social ecology. This story involves tales of slavery, mills and suburban sprawl.

Accompanied by fiddler Sandol Astrausky and guitarist/ song writer Jon Campbell.

Watson Farm

The history of a farm on the Island of Jamestown, Rhode Island.

Performed with the Jamestown Community Choir.