The more foundational work that is done with administrators, teachers and students, the more successful my visit will be. Let everyone know way in advance that I am visiting so there are no surprises and/or resentments. Teachers need time to prepare their classes and to open up time for me in their schedules. If everyone is prepared and happy about my arrival, it will be a celebration and not a burden.

To maximize a visit from me here are a few suggestions:

  • Circulate my web site to teachers
  • Encourage teachers to write me with any questions, concerns and/or suggestions for my visit
  • Ask teachers to let their children know about my visit by talking about my work, where I’ve been, what
  • I’ve written and what I’m likely to do. The more the students are excited about my arrival the easier it will be for me to stimulate their interests
  • If possible put up posters about my visit around the school with the date of my arrival
  • Let me know if you are working with any specific writing/social studies/social skills curriculum and send of some links and/or writings about them

A short relevant story:


Please help me to do the same for your school!


Marc Levitt