Action Speaks!

Marc Levitt is the Host/Creative Director of the nationally award winning, 17 years old radio show, "Action Speaks", a topic driven panel based radio show taped at Providence's AS 220 and broadcast in on over 250 radio stations. The goal of Action Speaks is to use less appreciated moments in United States history as points of departure for discussions around their context and contemporary implications. Our Presenting Station is WGBH Boston.
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Action Speaks topics have included: The introduction of Dasani Water by Coca-Cola and the privatization of water. Origin of the Credit Card. 1965 Immigration Act. The first World Series game broadcast over a national radio network. The American Occupation of Japan. The 1999 Anti-Globalization march in Seattle, Washington. Birth of the Christian Coalition. The Sugar Hill Gang and the mainstreaming of Hip Hop. The 1918 Flu. The Stonewall Riot. Zoot Suit Rebellion. Publication of ‘Our Bodies Ourselves’. The San Francisco General Strike of 1934. The ‘Checkers’ Speech of Richard Nixon. The Loving Case and the legality of ‘inter-racial’ marriage. The 1913 Armory Show that introduced European modern art to audiences in the United States.

Action Speaks! Panel members have included:
New York Times Editor Gail Collins; Bread and Puppet Theater’s Director Peter Schuman; Author Tom Frank; UNITE HERE Director Bruce Raynor; Former baseball player Bill Lee, Author Marshall Berman; Performance Artist Reverend Billy; Author Jackson Lears; Film Director Godfrey Reggio; Former Seattle Police Chief Norm Stamper; Author Jane Holtz Kay; Providence Mayor ‘Buddy Cianci; Author Dolores Hayden...

Archive of Action Speaks 2006 - 2009 with images:

The New England Chowda’ Hour

Between 1985 and 1993, Mr. Levitt was the writer/director/producer for New England’s only radio variety show; the New England Chowda’ Hour. The Chowda’ Hour, with a cast that included up to fifteen actors and musicians, was broadcast weekly on radio stations that at various times included stations in Providence, Rhode Island, Boston and Worcester, Massachusetts and Westport, Connecticut. The show combined satirical sketches and music and at its height drew audiences of four hundred people to its tapings.



AS220 Providence, October 7, 2009
What Now?: 1993 - The creation of Hilary Clinton's Taskforce on Healthcare. Featured Guests: Dr. Joseph Chazan, MD, T.R. Reid, Theda Skocpol, Ph.D. Host: Marc Levitt.

October 1, 2008, AS220, Providence
An American prelude to Hitler or to the Human Genome Project...perhaps both? Panelists: Lundy Braun, Wendy Kline, Diane B. Paul.

Slideshow of Actionskeaks October 10, 2007. Cassius Clay’s name change in 1964. Panelists: Ernest Allen, Elliot Gorn, Craig Robinson. Host: Marc Levitt.