Marc Joel Levitt has been telling stories at schools, libraries, theaters and festivals throughout the United States and at International Schools for over twenty-five years. His semi-autobiographic work mines the terrain of childhood memories, from getting lost, to first dates. Mr. Levitt also tells folkloric inspired original tales. His collection of Halloween stories, set in New England, won the Golden Head Set Award for the Best Children's Audio Tape of 1994.

School Assemblies/Libraries/Family Nights/Theaters

Mr. Levitt performs age appropriate stories of primarily semi-autobiographical stories for ages five through adulthood. His stories offer touching, funny and nuanced looks at the “trials and tribulations" of childhood, adolescence and the teenage years. Often compared in content to material found on the TV show, the Wonder Years, or to a ‘Spalding Gray for Youth’, Mr. Levitt's work spans a wide spectrum of experiences, ranging from childhood bullies, to trouble in school, to Little League success and failure. These stories are particular valuable in schools where teachers are working on inspiring students to write from personal experiences.

In his performances, Mr. Levitt also tells stories inspired by the world's folktales. In myths and folktales, Mr. Levitt has found many themes and ideas still valuable in contemporary life. He takes those themes and finds ways to make them available to today's audiences, without sacrificing their emotional integrity.

Mr. Levitt also has a collection of stories that encourage students to think about diversity, non-violence, bullying, cooperation and our society’s need for collective responsibility.
In addition, Mr. Levitt's program of Halloween Storytelling, "Tales of an October Moon", takes familiar New England settings and uses them to create uniquely spooky stories.

Marc Joel Levitt's one-person performances and historical narratives include:

Johnny Appleseed, Gentle Hero: a forty minute twelve character performance that details the life of this American folklore hero. With humor, music and costuming, Mr. Levitt brings alive the real John Chapman without loosing his mythical elements. Available for ages six and above.

Marco Polo, A Multicultural Adventure: is a forty-five minute performance detailing the travels of this thirteenth century explorer. Mr. Levitt takes his audience on a journey of story, music and artifact as he covers the Polo's trip from Venice, through Jerusalem and onto China. Ages 6 and above

Triple Decker: Mr. Levitt's story of a fictional Triple Decker tenement house in Providence, Rhode Island, tells the story of six immigrant groups and their relationship to each other and to the United States. Narrated by Mr. Levitt and storyteller Valerie Tutson, the piece is accompanied by seven musicians, representing the different nationalities whose stories are contained in this uniquely Southern New England tenement.

Allison and the Blackstone: The story of ˜America's Hardest Working River" is told through the eyes of a small girl brought into the various stages of the River's history as she seeks to deliver a gift to the present, a gift given by a Nipmuc Medicine Woman. The nationally known Celtic musicians, Pendragon, accompany Mr. Levitt

Along the Saugatucket: Marc Levitt tells the story of a small southern New England's rivers watershed, about it's people and social ecology. This story involves tales of slavery, mills and suburban sprawl. Accompanied by fiddler Sandol Astrausky and guitarist/ song writer Jon Campbell

Watson Farm: Work-in-Progress about the history of a farm on the Island of Jamestown, Rhode Island performed with the Jamestown Community Choir.

Lectures and Keynote Addres

Mr. Levitt is a speaker for the Rhode Island Committee for the Humanities. His topics include, Democracy in Education, Fighting Sprawl and Rhode Island Stonewalls and Their Makers.

Audio Tapes: $12 plus $2.50 for postage (Please Request)

Tales From an October Moon; Originally Haunted Tales Set in New England (age eight and up)

Johnny Appleseed, Gentle Hero: One person performance (with music and audio effects) based on the life of this American Folklore Hero (age six and above)


"A master storyteller"
School Library Journal

at Rhythm & Roots Festival
Sept. 2006, Charlestown, RI





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Marc Levitt visit your school"
Jeff Johanson, Middle School
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