A New England Love Story (In Production)

A film about the three floor tenement unique primarily to urban and industrial New England, that was a central feature in the lives of many late 19th, 20th and 21st century immigrants and wells as others seeking affordable, decent quality, multi-unit housing.

This film is about the ‘everyday’ stories of those who lived in Triple Deckers; how their flexible interior and exterior spaces allowed for physically incorporating ‘old country’ patterns of life into their new lives as well as affording them the opportunity to align their domestic lives with newly acquired desires and cultural expectations of their adopted country.

This film will be one part architectural history, one part social history, one part economic history, one part urban history and one part American industrial and immigration history.

At the same time, Triple Decker; A New England Love Story will be a story of people, of those who lived in them, studied them and reviled them as ‘Trojan Horses’ for alien beliefs and culture.

Trailer: youtube

Marc showing his trailer during the “Triple Decker Day” at McCoy Stadium, home of the Paw Sox on Saturday, August 26, 2017 at their 6:15 pm game.

Rhode Island documentary filmmaker Marc Levitt, left, at Bates Mill in Lewiston on Saturday afternoon at Museum LA. At right, videographer Will Lepczyk checks the lighting before they begin filming. (Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal)

Rhode Island filmmaker includes Lewiston in ‘Triple Decker—A New England Love Story’ By Kathryn Skelton, Staff Writer, Sun Journal, September 17, 2018