Site-specific installation “Concrete Thoughts” is a poetic reflection on the concrete corridors of CCRI Warwick’s megastructure created in 2011. This piece invites viewers to pause and to consider questions which, while not having a “true” answer, are nonetheless a means to momentarily consider what is unseen in this building.

Selection of questions (exhibited on various locations throughout this campus)

  • Do buildings have souls?
  • Where is the best place to sleep in this building?
  • What is this building’s most romantic spot?
  • Does this building cry or laugh?
  • If this building was a boy or a girl would you date it?
  • If you wanted to plot a revolution where in this building, where would you go?
  • If this building was an egg, what would come out when it hatched?
  • In this building have you ever just started to speak with a stranger?