Marc Levitt has written nearly one hundred stories and articles. The following are just a sample of titles and topics:

  • When Johnny Appleseed meets Paul Bunyon; A story of conflicting ecological points of view

  • Contradictory Proverbs; A humorous poetic book about proverbs that negate each other

  • The Tickle Karate Master; A bullied young man takes on his nemesis with the help of a martial art form learned at a storefront studio

  • Lost at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade; A memoir of a young boy who gets lost at the parade after sneaking a hello to the famous cowboy leading the parade‚ Roy Rogers

  • Jacky the Jack-o-lantern; A small story with a repeating song about a girl who believes that she has become a pumpkin

  • The Vest; A boy in a small desert town set off to find the vest that will make him a storyteller. He finds and then loses his vest as he eventually finds the stories that he must tell

  • Tale of a Cow and Rocks for Feet; The story of a woman who loses her friend’s ring only to magically find it once again and in doing so, finds proof of the ring’s magic

  • ‘Hoody’ Boots; The author sets out to get a pair of ‘Hoody’ boots denied to him by his parents and trouble and redemption ensues. A good story for anyone whose parents denied them clothing, hair styles, jewelry, make-up and/or tattoos

  • Funeral Home; Two boys playing ball by the side of a funeral hall are surprised by the extraordinary skill of an old man who emerges from the funeral hall to play. They are even more surprised to find out who he is!

  • Mr. Lancaster’s Mill; A visit to an old and abandoned New England mill, leads to a meeting with the ghost of a very unpopular mill owner!

  • Crescent Wave Amusement Park; Returning to a once vital and now closed amusement park, leads to more than nostalgia for a ‘shore life’ that is no longer there…or is it?

  • A Day in Greenwich Village; Caught up in the bohemian world of the late 1960’s the author plays hooky to visit the ‘home of the beatniks’ with unexpected results

  • The King and the Spider’s Web; Based on a true story from India, this cautionary tale shows how the trap one sets for others, could be the trap that catches you!

  • If a Mouse Needs Help; Based on an old fable, this story tells the dangers of ignoring someone else’s problem because you think it will have no effect on you

  • Under the Highway Bridge; A highway that separates two cultures in New York City is bridged, not just physically, but psychologically

Read a sample of Marc's writing here.

Mr. Levitt has also written one produced play. Called Burning Conscience, it is the story of the reconnaissance pilot for the Enola Gay. Please inquire about production possibilities.

Marc's book Putting Everyday Life on the Page was published by Corwin Press.



Drawing for Marc from
Colegio Menor SFQ student
Quito, Ecuador
March 2006

Drawing for Marc
from student of the

Colegio Menor SFQ, Quito
March 2006

Collage from student of
Colegio Americano de Quito
March 2006